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A Pocketful of Happiness

A Pocketful of Happiness

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I ask if his friends have started trying to fix him up with eligible women. “Some have, yes. And I find that absolutely bizarre. It’s not something I could even conceive of at this point. It’s still too raw and present, and I am still having an ongoing conversation with my wife in my head,” he says. But it’s not, of course, the same as the real thing.

There was stuff that involved body doubles – now how can I say this without giving it away? I can’t tell you what it is, because it’s a plot spoiler. Anyway, there are doubles of things, put it that way. And that was surreal to do.”A gorgeously candid account of acting and show business. And an intimate and heartfelt story of love, loss and a life spent together. It is an honour to be invited in on these diaries. I cannot remember being so moved by a book.” But it’s also possible that he hopes to make the reader understand that it doesn’t matter how many glamorous friends a person has if their true love is dying. Widowed, Grant isn’t particularly articulate. It’s enough for him simply to tell us, over and over, how happy he and Washington were together, that they mated, like swans, for life. Nevertheless, those things that he is able to describe – the sight of her tapestry kit by their bed, the way he still talks to her even though she is no longer in the world – have a universality about them, an ordinariness that resonates. Darkness falls on us all eventually, even on those who know Elton John well enough to receive his condolences by phone. Sorry, should have said, I like to smell everything in sight. Always have done. Ever since I can remember. Can’t understand why everyone doesn’t . You’re a brilliant cook.” He generously agreed, and I called the stentorian-voiced Equity Bunty, who barked, “ What letter, then?”

What will surprise audiences most about the show? Hopefully, that you don’t know what will happen, it’s not obvious. I don’t think of what’s going to happen or how it’s going to turn out. That’s the draw of it. For Australian fans, Richard E Grant will be live and on stage in November 2022 when he brings his very personal show “An Evening With Richard E Grant” to Australia. The CT scan has revealed a dark mass on your left lung, Joan, so we need you to go to the Marsden Hospital in Sutton for a PET scan at eight fifteen tomorrow morning.”

Around this time, I received a letter from Equity, the actors’ union, and was informed that a retired actor called Richard Grant had complained, after seeing his name outside the Churchill Theatre, requiring me to change mine. Called Equity in a panic and explained that I had no money, and that my name was printed on all my ten-by-eight photos already. Stevenson was just 28 when he undertook his journey. He was recovering from tuberculosis and was also heartbroken following the end of an affair with Fanny Osbourne, a married American woman. He hadn’t yet written the books that were to make him famous and was still financially dependent on his parents. The Cévennes offered cheap living and the chance to reflect and to write. This honest and frequently hilarious memoir is written in honour of that challenge – Richard has faithfully kept a diary since childhood, and in these entries he shares in raw detail everything he has experienced : both the pain of losing his beloved wife, and the excitement of their life together, from the role that transformed his life overnight in Withnail & I to his thrilling Oscar nomination thirty years later for Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Initially, when I decided to write this book, I thought I wouldn’t write anything about the illness part of Joan’s life,” he says. “But then I remembered some advice Bruce [Robinson, writer and director of Withnail and I] gave me about screenwriting. He said: ‘Write about something that has happened today that’s never happened before,’ and nothing had ever been more life-changing for us than Joan’s diagnosis.” Whilst you do feel sympathy and empathy for Grant and his experience, the author seems obsessed and entranced by the world of celebrity and class in a way which seems tone deaf to the scenario that he is describing. It is hard to come away from this without feeling like you have learnt as much about Grant's celebrity lifestyle and friends, and Grant and his wife's worth to these celebrities which he is een to stress, as you have about the love story that supposedly works as this book's spine. Hemingway returned to the country regularly, and was a key voice reporting on the Civil War for the North American Newspaper Alliance.Even after almost four decades together, the teacher in her never missed the opportunity to correct this defect in my speech. Occasionally, when we were mid-argument, she’d go Henry Higgins on me, with an accent correction, simultaneously increasing my fury and trip-switching us into hilarity. Stay up with Oilly and Florian watching TV as the rest of the world whoop and firework their way into 2021, around the globe. In the early days of their relationship, she was the successful one, flying off to coach Mel Gibson on the set of The Bounty, while Grant pined away in London, hopelessly unemployed. But that shifted and Washington, he writes, “had to readjust and accommodate to being my plus-one at premieres and press junkets, which she understandably found uncomfortable”. The “kids” go downstairs to make breakfast. Joan takes my hands, and asks: “You will stay with me through all of this, won’t you?” Joan voice coached so many people from Kate Blanchett to Dame Julie Waters and so many many others there were literally thousands. A voice coach is someone you’d rarely think of while watching a film yet they are one of the most important to an actor to just ‘get it right’.

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