Good Morning, Monster: A Therapist Shares Five Heroic Stories of Emotional Recovery

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Good Morning, Monster: A Therapist Shares Five Heroic Stories of Emotional Recovery

Good Morning, Monster: A Therapist Shares Five Heroic Stories of Emotional Recovery

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COMING ASHORE, her final memoir is coming out this fall. It is about her years at Oxford, The U.S. and finally Canada. This book shares the joy of those few years in your twenties after you leave home and before Adult responsibilities crowd in.

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But second of all, Good Morning, Monster is a book that creates hope. In each of these stories, these traumatized people made it. They completed therapy successfully, and they have turned from hurt beings into people who can have a more positive approach to life again. They are real success stories. I chose this book after reading Lori Gottlieb’s “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone,” another winner. Anyone who liked that one will surely love this one. I think it hasn’t gotten the attention Ms. Gottlieb’s book did at this stage of the game because of the odd title (which I finally understood in the last chapters). Don’t let that deter you from grabbing a copy of this truly inspirational and educational book that will make you think about yourself as well. Recommended for all. These stories show how the process of therapy can heal even the deepest wound and most traumatic of experiences." — Lee WoodruffGildiner chose fascinating people to include in her book. She had the luxury of being able to see her clients for years, something that’s sometimes prohibitive in America due to insurance and HMO restrictions. Of course, wealthier clients can private pay. I respected how she recounts her own failings as a psychologist, how she missed certain signs in some of her patients that led to a regression in their therapy and forced her to take into account her mistakes and how she could do herself and her patient better.

Good Morning, Monster Summary of Key Ideas and Review Good Morning, Monster Summary of Key Ideas and Review

THE DAY I OPENED my private practice as a psychologist, I sat smugly in my office. Fortified with the knowledge I’d acquired, taking comfort in the rules I’d learned, I looked forward to having patients I could “cure.” This also makes me question the book’s theme. It makes me wonder if the hero angle was an afterthought-a way to justify the use of all those personal details. Gildiner says she received each client’s consent to write the book. My guess is that they agreed based on the idea that there would be more focus on the hero, less on the trauma and victimization.Alana's story is positioned towards the end of the book, so I decided to keep reading as I'd come so far. In the final chapter, the author reflects on a case in which her own personal history became intertwined with a patient's treatment. While I appreciate the honesty, reading this passage made me uncomfortable. At times, I had to swallow my gorge (with immense difficulty) and struggle not to vomit during Alana's tale of survival and the near incomprehensible suffering she triumphed over. Although this book centers on the healing of Gildiner’s patients, it is also about her own gifts and growth as a therapist... Hats off to Gildiner for doing a heroic therapeutic job and for writing about it so eloquently." — New York Journal The stories of each patient are so insightful that one begins to see parts of themselves in Cathrine Gildiner's analysis'. It is interesting to note that in writing the book there is an "ah-ha" moment in which the book itself lends an element of catharsis for Gildner. She is reminded of her own childhood and the element of strife which in her subconscious helps explain why she chose the patients she did for her book. This is being billed as an "inspiring" book, but I'm not sure inspired is the emotion I felt after reading it. It's good - it's really good. I was interested in each patient profiled, I couldn't have stopped reading their stories even if I'd wanted to. I was intrigued by Dr. Gildiner, and appreciated that she was transparent about the mistakes she made in each case. I loved learning more about how therapy works from the therapist's side of the room.

Good Morning, Monster: A Therapist Shares Five Heroic S… Good Morning, Monster: A Therapist Shares Five Heroic S…

As anyone who has sat through a Zoom therapy session knows, there's really no substitute for the real thing. But, the book world is giving it a shot... Good Morning, Monster by Catherine Gildiner is a psychologist's retelling of five of her most memorable (and harrowing) cases." — Entertainment Weekly Brilliant piece of work, both heart-rending and chilling. I was moved to tears... a great book for any time. I had promised myself that I would read one episode for each of five days. Instead I read right through from beginning to end." — Valery Hemingway, author of Running With the Bulls One of Peter’s biggest realizations throughout his work with Gildiner was that although his mother did what she thought was best for their family – and indeed, did better than her relatives had done for her when she was young – she had still abused and neglected him.To say people are resilient downplays the strength, willpower and incredible determination Dr. G's patients demonstrated to survive at all costs, despite the horrible and terrible obstacles life threw at them. I keep trying to decipher what the lesson of this book is, and I think it boils down to this: if you have been horribly emotionally damaged, you may never be able to repair yourself completely, but don't let that discount the progress it IS possible to make. Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of GOOD MORNING MONSTER by Catherine Gildiner in exchange for my honest review.***

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If the authors are serious, this is a silly, distasteful book. If they are not, it’s a brilliant satire. For Gildiner, the idea that situations can have many layers is central to therapy. She often had patients seek her assistance for one reason, only to discover later that the root of the problem was much different. Regardless of how it all came to be, it is blatantly unethical. Calling someone a hero means nothing if you treat them like a pawn. Gildiner’s subject is heroism — writ large and with poignant specificity in five unforgettable patients’ lives . Good Morning, Monster will bolster your faith in human endurance, and make you root more fiercely for us all.“ — Paula McLain, author of Love and Ruin and The Paris Wife Book Genre: Autobiography, Biography, Biography Memoir, Health, Memoir, Mental Health, Nonfiction, PsychologyMadeline was Gildiner’s last patient, and their work together occurred after Gildiner had officially retired from psychotherapy. Madeline’s father convinced Gildiner to work with her, and Gildiner accepted due to various reasons from her own past, including a similar father figure of her own.

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