Broken Greek: A Story of Chip Shops and Pop Songs

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Broken Greek: A Story of Chip Shops and Pop Songs

Broken Greek: A Story of Chip Shops and Pop Songs

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Exactly. Some of those pop records are really smart – there’s nothing accidental about them. They weren’t trying to be TS Eliot in the studio that day, but they’re a knowingly constructed fantasy for people who might be living difficult lives. And the people who bought those records knew what they were getting, they were allowing themselves to be moved in that way. So the book allowed me to be protective of that relationship. It also let me celebrate unusual entry points into someone’s work. I was able to write about how much Wings meant to me, for example, and the relative lateness with which I realised that John Lennon had actually been a member of The Beatles. There’s this idea that we’re in a critical world, there’s a “canon” and that’s the stuff we’re supposed to like.

Greek island Post-mortems due on Irish teenagers who died on Greek island

Hello sunshine! ’Nothing.‘ ‘What’s your name, then?’ ’Nothing. Maybe a conciliatory shrug.‘ ‘All right. Are you going to give me a smile, then?’Nothing.‘Come on, you silly sausage!’ A key moment in Pete Paphides’s memoir Broken Greek takes place when our young protagonist hears The Rubettes’ Sugar Baby Love for the first time and realises that, more than any other song in the world, this slice of bubblegum pop totally reflects his inner turmoil. An exceptional coming-of-age story […] Pete Paphides may very well have the biggest heart in Britain’– Marina Hyde It's exactly the nightmare that every parent dreads when group holidays and big groups of children go away. If there’s a weak area of the book, it is in the rare moments when Paphides introduces non-music asides that involve a leap forward in time. There’s mention of Brexit and Boris Johnson, tangents that jar. But – to repurpose a joke from Paphides – it’s small fry. Because, as well as producing writing that conjures some visually stunning images (a mass of school pupils is a “murmuration of green blazers”), Paphides is funny: “I didn’t know who Lulu was, but I knew she was important, because like Sting, Odysseus and Kojak, she only had one name.”Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, he said: "We are heartbroken. We have a very tight-knit community and these are two fantastic young men with their lives ahead of them. Braised short rib romanoff. Braised short ribs, shallots, garlic, green pepper corn, vodka, tomato sauce cream Tánaiste (deputy prime minister) and Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin said the Irish Embassy in Athens is providing consular support and a consular officer is "on the ground" in Ios. Twenty-three years later, Edwyn Collins recorded an even more impassioned version as part of Channel 4’s A Song For Eurotrash TV special. Anyone who underestimates the power of walking along with their ding-dang-dong does so at their peril. Santa Esmeralda: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (1977) Judging by the response on social media, Broken Greek has really touched a nerve. You have become, to use the vernacular, a legend.

Broken Greek by Pete Paphides, review: a music memoir that Broken Greek by Pete Paphides, review: a music memoir that

Heartfelt, hilarious and beautifully written, Broken Greek is a childhood memoir like no other’– Cathy Newman In Dolly Mixture’s hands, Will He Kiss Me Tonight? sounded like The Ronettes seizing the means of control and coming up with something just as good and truer to life than any Brill Building A-lister could have provided. And yet Santa Esmeralda’s debut hit – in particular, the full 15-minute version – is an astonishing synergy of handclaps, keening mariachi trumpets and deeply funky flamenco guitars, piloted to stratospheric heights by vocalist Leroy Gomez.

Golden beets, grilled artichokes, figs, feta, green leaves, red onions, balsamic and parthena olive oil dressing

Broken Greek by Pete Paphides review – a smash hit

Pete’s sensitivity certainly wasn’t inherited from his father. When Victoria has to go into hospital her husband, a typically macho Mediterranean, can’t even manage to hoover the carpet. Expecting him to do even the simplest household chores is like “expecting a guide dog to round up sheep”. As Paphides deftly records, the closest Chris can get to telling his wife he loves her is to admit that he needs her.Paphides is a music writer and DJ (he is also married to the writer Caitlin Moran). I experienced the same feeling reading this book as I do when listening to his show on Soho Radio – you are in the happy, rewarding presence of an irrepressible enthusiast. He exudes a stubborn naivety, an insistence on locating the positive, that stands out in our era of social media snark and drive-by brutality. All the below items are served with your choice of: Lemon Potatoes | Greek Fries | Avgolemono Soup | Feature Soup | Greek Salad Musically, the 1970s is the decade of David Bowie , Roxy Music , Kraftwerk , Sex Pistols , but you write lovingly about the stuff that was actually in the charts and on the radio: Boney M, Brotherhood Of Man, Racey… The chapter that outlines the fateful evening you get to meet your heroes, The Barron Knights, is one of the most perfectly bittersweet things I’ve ever read. Bright, sporting, academic men who had their whole life ahead of them and looking forward to this particular trip for months on end and the planning had been ongoing, not just in our school but in lots of other schools.

Pete Paphides interview: ‘Confessing my early music Pete Paphides interview: ‘Confessing my early music

Shy and introverted, Pete stopped speaking from age 4 to 7, and found refuge instead in the bittersweet embrace of pop songs, thanks to Top of the Popsand Dial-A-Disc. From Brotherhood of Man to UB40, from ABBA to The Police, music provided the safety net he needed to protect him from the tensions of his home life. It also helped him navigate his way around the challenges surrounding school, friendships and phobias such as visits to the barber, standing near tall buildings and Rod Hull and Emu. lbs Ab beef & pork burger, brioche bun, red cabbage slaw, arugula, tomatoes, gruyere cheese, tzatziki Cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, cucumbers, red onions, peppers, olives, feta, cucumber & parthena olive oil dressingPost-mortem examinations are to be carried out on Tuesday on two teenagers from Dublin who died on the Greek island of Ios. Do you sometimes feel like the music you are hearing is explaining your life to you?” he asks early on. Paphides clearly does, and so while he struggles to fit in, and looks up in envy to an older brother already consumed with a bustling social life, he gets lost in music, which he analyses with scientific brio. The sense that other people suffered the same hang-ups has been a revelation to me. Even today I got a tweet from someone who said they had a fear of being near tall buildings. She wanted to know if it still ever manifests itself in me. I’m 50 now so it feels like less of a gamble to go on the record with some of this stuff. If certain things happened to me, they must have happened to other people too. We’re scared a lot of the time when we’re little and it’s something you don’t want to admit, especially when you have children of your own. Some of it might seem trivial, but some of it might be psychically quite impactful. You know, it could be little Jimmy Osmond or it could be an emu. I mention not knowing the difference between Freddie Starr and Fred Astaire, but why would you? You don’t know anything! Then there’s your fixation with Abba. I found your description of them as almost proxy parents moving and hilarious in equal parts. Victoria works in the shop alone to give her increasingly tetchy husband Thursdays off. When pensioners, unable to afford a full portion, ask for a few chips she shovels some extra in for free. When word gets around it leads to many more pensioners coming to the shop on Thursdays, “slowly advancing” towards it “like turtles on a moonlit beach”.

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