Applied Nutrition BodyFuel Electrolyte Water - Body Fuel Prime Drink with BCAAs and Vitamins, Fast Hydration (12 x 500ml) (Paddy Punch)

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Applied Nutrition BodyFuel Electrolyte Water - Body Fuel Prime Drink with BCAAs and Vitamins, Fast Hydration (12 x 500ml) (Paddy Punch)

Applied Nutrition BodyFuel Electrolyte Water - Body Fuel Prime Drink with BCAAs and Vitamins, Fast Hydration (12 x 500ml) (Paddy Punch)

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First of all, if you’re going to label something as Jalapeño, it better be a little bit spicy at the very least. This one was not. It was more of an earthy or grassy flavor with a hint of berry added to it. Not terrible, but definitely not their best work. 8. Red Dragon (Inferno)

Baddy Berry is UFC superstar Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett’s signature flavour of ABE, Europe’s best-selling pre-workout and the first new ABE flavour to hit shelves in more than a year. All the flavors that Reign has under its umbrella are extremely smooth and fruit-inspired. Some of them such as the orange dreamsicle, melon mania, and strawberry sublime are for those with a sweet tooth, and then there are the sour apple and peach fizz flavors that are for those who like a combination of sweet and sour. The classic lemon hdz is for the lemon heads. Working together with Applied Nutrition on Paddy Punch has been a top experience for me, we tested so many flavour combinations and we think we have ended up with one that people are going to love.Paddy Punch is the first flavour to be designed alongside one of our ambassadors and we have exciting plans for more unique flavour partnerships in the coming months. This drink has a sharp lemon flavor. But it doesn’t necessarily taste like pure lemonade. It tastes more like lemon candy and is sweeter than other lemon-flavored energy drinks. Below we have ranked the 10 best flavors of the energy drink, based on their taste and popularity among the consumers. 1. Orange Dreamsicle The drink doesn’t contain any sugar but instead uses sucralose, an artificial sweetener. Since it doesn’t have sugar in it, you don’t experience the crash a few hours after drinking it – as is the case with many other energy drinks. Body FUEL by Paddy the Baddy, Hydration Drink, Applied Nutrition Electrolyte Water, 500ml, PRIME KILLER

The best part about Reign Energy, like a lot of up and coming brands of energy drinks now, is that they are calorie and sugar free, making them a much healthier alternative to other energy drinks, as well as some different flavors of soda as well. Whether you’re into citrus or more candy-like flavors, Reign’s got you covered In my personal opinion, this one tastes like you mashed up all the melons into one juice, added some carbonation to it, and called it an energy drink. All in all, this one tastes phenomenal, given why it’s in my top five here! Definitely give this one a go if you love melon-flavored things/drinks alike! 3. Sour Apple Controversial as ever, the UFC star has taken to YouTube Shorts to highlight some of what he, and Applied Nutrition,consider sub-optimal ingredients in the much hyped Prime Hydration drink from Youtubersturned boxers Logan Paul and KSI, stoking a theatrical rivalry that’s seen the pair challenging the UFC fighter on several occasions. Gareth Powell, Applied Nutrition’s head of product development said sports drinks containing electrolytes minerals are a convenient way for people to stay hydrated and replenish the electrolytes they lose through sweat while exercising. It’s not just peach, you also get hints of citrus flavor in it. The sweetness and strength of flavor are not overwhelming, it’s smooth and easy to drink. The only downside is probably that the taste is far from the real fruit, and that gives you the feeling that you are consuming something processed.

I’m a big mango girl. Anything mango-flavored is top tier for me; however, while this flavor was still super delicious, I just really couldn’t rank it any higher because I enjoyed the other flavors more. This one is very tropical and tastes more like a mango-flavored candy, rather than an actual mango itself. 10. True Blu (Inferno) They contain electrolytes (minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium) that help keep the body hydrated even as you sweat during workouts and vitamins (B3, B6, and B12) that reduce fatigue in the body. Collagen is a magic elixir that has been dubbed the ‘Fountain of Youth’ by many, and has gained immense popularity as a superfood supplement for its properties and benefits to the body. But what are collagen peptides and what do they do for you? In the short video comparing Prime Hydration to Body Fuel, Pimblett highlights the fact that Body Fuel contains zero sugar, is only five calories per serving, and in a market where sports drinks are claiming ever higher numbers of electrolytes per serving, he explains Body Fuel has the optimum blend of electrolytes for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Meet your new gym partners.🦾🔥 New REIGN INFERNO is here with three extraordinary flavors to set your workouts on fire. Which one you looking to try first? #reigninferno #reignbodyfuel #thermogenic #new #flavor #gympartner #yourreignyourrules #firetothefuel Baddy Berry’ uses the same much-loved formula and blends sweet strawberry and tangy raspberry for delicious fresh fruit taste.

Overall, Reign is straight up killing it in the energy drink department game here. I didn’t hate a single flavor. There were definitely some that I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but overall, Reign is pretty dang delicious! The drink can wake you up with a jolt and is a pleasant one to carry around, especially during summer. The flavors come through best when it is consumed cold. These minerals are important for keeping the body hydrated, controlling the body’s nervous system and optimising muscle function, while balancing the body’s acidic and basic (pH) levels.

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