Be More Human: How to transform your lifestyle for optimum health, happiness and vitality

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Be More Human: How to transform your lifestyle for optimum health, happiness and vitality

Be More Human: How to transform your lifestyle for optimum health, happiness and vitality

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Twelve thousand years ago, we learned how to domesticate plants and other animals for food, and were able to settle in one place. We became a social animal, building complex communities that become kingdoms, learning to trade with each other using a concept called money. It would be another 50 years before an Austrian doctor began to talk about the hidden forces of the subconscious mind, but even Sigmund Freud couldn’t provide an adequate explanation for consciousness. In fact, to date, no-one has come close to describing the sheer magnificent wonder of being alive. The electric surge we feel when we kiss a lover, the deep stirring of the soul when we listen to Mozart’s Requiem, and the full flowing joy of laughing uncontrollably with our closest friends as we share a joke. Daring Greatly - Unearth the importance of leaning into the discomfort, working with vulnerability and understanding the role of shame in our work and lives. Blue light is another killer, and Riddle calls it “junk light” because of how it can affect your natural circadian rhythm and sleep patterns. He wears amber glasses in the evening if he’s looking at a screen, to minimize disruption. “Rewild yourself,” advised Riddle. Look at your home and office habitats to figure out where you can make small changes. Get outside or bring nature inside

Be More Human: How to Transform Your Lifestyle for Optimum Be More Human: How to Transform Your Lifestyle for Optimum

Campaign: Gigi Hadid for Reebok ‘Be More Human’ Wearing activewear styles, Gigi Hadid fronts Reebok ‘Be More Human’ campaign Reebok taps Gigi Hadid for ‘Be More Human’ campaign Supermodel Gigi Hadid fronts Reebok ‘Be More Human’ campaign Reebok enlists brand ambassador Gigi Hadid for ‘Be More Human’ campaign Gigi Hadid strikes a pose for Reebok ‘Be More Human’ campaign What does it mean to be human? It’s a simple question, just a few short words, but it unwraps the bundle of complexity, contradictions, and mystery that is a human life. Validate your existence. Once humans are physically secure, have a foundation of healthy relationships, and have a good self-image, they may begin to ponder questions such as "Why are we here?" Different humans ascribe a variety of purposes to human life. Many humans adopt a set of moral principles or develop their own. Others embark on creative endeavors, expressing their innermost thoughts through art. Others still try to make sense of the universe through science or philosophy. There's no right way to make the most of your existence, but here are just a few ideas: When getting outside is out of the question, bring the outside in for some of the benefits. Riddle recommends you surround yourself with plants. “They purify the air and help drop your cortisol levels, keeping you in a rest and digestive state.” Resting and digesting to conserve your energy for the things you really care about.We work alongside you on a personal and team level as a coach, facilitator, fieldwork supervisor and consultant to navigate challenging times, review existing work or plan the next step!

What does it mean to be human? | BBC Earth What does it mean to be human? | BBC Earth

You can help a depressed person. The most important aspect of offering support to someone who has depression is through both compassion and boundaries. [6] X Research sourceOr imagine any complex society that has flourished during human history, such as ancient Greece, with its political structures, money, schools, literature and philosophy. Or imagine the wonders of the vast Roman Empire. When this collapsed and Europe plunged into the dark ages, most of these aspects of civilisation were lost. Who then was more human – a Greek philosopher, an educated Roman citizen, or a medieval peasant?

Be More Human: How to transform your lifestyle for optimum Be More Human: How to transform your lifestyle for optimum

Avoid danger. Don't stay near places or situations that can cause physical damage to your body. Injuries can affect your physical health and even cause you to die. These examples are written for a business context but all easily apply to young people, students, teachers, families and other social groups. Secure your safety. A human's second responsibility, after meeting their innate requirements for life, is to eke out their safety. To thrive, humans can't be worried about whether they will starve or die - such thoughts will override any attempts to reach higher levels of human accomplishment. Here are just a few ways to ensure you're "safe" as a human: Be More Human Education, training and employment - Health and social care - Information, consultancy and support We can't all live in nature, but we can all live more naturally and learn how to thrive instead of just survive.Google Me - Insights and learning for your team from the worlds most innovative and respected companies. Appreciative Inquiry - Learn what gives life to living systems and how your living systems at work can be set up to grow and develop people rather than diminish them. Others thought it possible to build an electronic brain with the cognitive power of humans. For them, understanding the brain came in second place and dismissed the need to follow biology’s footprints. Why would we assume we can only attain intelligence taking nature’s path? Biological intelligence was imprinted in carbon life forms but there was no apparent limitation to creating artificial intelligence from silicon.

Be More Human - Penguin Books UK Be More Human - Penguin Books UK

Liberating structures - Creative facilitation methods to unleash our human potential and nurture creativity and innovation.

Isn’t it interesting people are discussing the same subjects and ideas seven years later? It certainly suggests that despite talking about being more human, people in business might not be very good at making it happen. It is here at The Be More Human Experience that you’ll find the space away from everyday life to make significant change happen. The process is one of letting go of the old compromised self - and all that isn’t serving you - to explore new ground and emerge with new skills, habits and perspectives to build resilience and the strength of mind to welcome in the wild, connected and empowered version of you. You are one powerful human being and you have everything you need within youto alter your current state of mind and Be More Human. Breathe oxygen. Human beings' most pressing need is to breathe air containing oxygen almost constantly. At the absolute longest, humans can go only about 20 minutes without air; [1] X Research source most can only last a fraction of that time. Be More Human - Discover the inherent human strengths and weaknesses and how to harness them to meet your aims and objectives.

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