All the Things That Could Go Wrong

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All the Things That Could Go Wrong

All the Things That Could Go Wrong

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Yeah.’ George C. leans in. ‘See what we can get.’ He slides along the glass and me and Sophie follow. Mr Francis and Miss French are watching the rest of the class as they lean over the tank and touch the turtles and crabs. Hello Yellow - 80 Books to Help Children Nurture Good Mental Health and Support With Anxiety and Wellbeing - Okay, Dan,’ says Mr Francis. ‘I think that’s enough of that. Mr Giles, perhaps you’d like to lead us on to the next tank.’ The class start to walk off with Miss French. ‘Not you, Dan.’ Does it eat people? Does it bite people and tear them apart, and splat blood everywhere like in Jaws?’

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Consequently, Dan’s aggression and annoyance is taken out on the vulnerable target in his year group: Alex.Picture this, you spend three months planning your biggest event yet and the day comes and things start to go wrong. If you're an experienced event planner then you know this is bound to happen, but if this is your first event you might be caught off guard. Alex has contamination OCD which is so debilitating that he is often unable to leave the house. Immediately, I warmed to him and resonated with him completely. The writer does a fantastic portrayal of what it’s like to live with such a crippling mental illness by highlighting the awful thoughts that go through Alex’s head on the daily. I found this incredible. What’s more is that despite his illness, Alex is completely his own person with hopes and dreams and hobbies and a life which I thought was remarkable. A lot of writers often make the mistake of allowing their characters to become their illness. Alex has OCD, he is not OCD. No, Alex, it’s me. Hurry up, I need to pee.’ It’s my little sister, Lizzie. ‘Come on. I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it!’

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I absolutely loved the relationships in this novel. We have a very complex family dynamic going on for both protagonists which completely juxtapose each other. Alex has a strong bond with his little sister, Lizzie who is absolutely adorable and the writer was capable of successfully capturing that element of annoyance that all kids have which made her feel incredibly authentic. I look over his shoulder. Sophie and George C. have stayed behind and are standing by a tank like they’re waiting for me to play up or do something funny. A moving, humane, funny portrait of two very different boys discovering what connects us all' Kiran Milwood Hargrave, author of The Girl of Ink and Stars Sometimes, the best way to help ourselves get over the fear of something going wrong is to make out a plan “just in case.” If you’re afraid of losing your job, plan what to do if that happens. If you’re scared of a fire breaking out in your house, make sure you have a program that everyone knows to follow if such a thing happens. Worrying about what could go wrong is sometimes heightened by not knowing what you would do if those things ever went wrong. Having a plan can be just what you need to make you feel better and stop worrying. Final thoughts Ok, now that that's off my chest, how about the rest of this book? We are off to a grand start, right? It must be good, right?One thing I really liked about this book was how it portrayed the bullying, and how one can feel like their trapped. Of course, if you're being bullied, you should tell someone, but this book really shows how it's not as easy as it seems, and that simply saying those words and trying to get help sometimes doesn't feel possible, which is another reason it was so hard to read in that sense. You really want Alex to get the help and you watch him struggle with it, but he just can't do it. It also shows how hard it is to step in and stop someone else being bullied. I won't go into too much depth here, but there were several occasions where Alex could have stepped in to help someone else from the bullying, but because you were inside Alex's head, you really got the sense of how it isn't that easy. It just feels like there was so many different factors to this bullying and they were all so well rounded up, like everything slotted together so well.

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One of the very few cases where I liked the film so much better than the book. It took Tim Burton to make an ultimately shallow character who tells unbelievable stories to escape the inevitability of his own death into a quirky, humorous, tragic character. Read more Dan! Dan!’ I feel a nudge in my ribs. Sophie’s grinning at me. Her teeth and her blonde hair have been turned purple by the lights. ‘This is boring,’ she whispers. ‘Let’s go to the souvenir shop.’ Stewart Foster is an adult and children's novelist, born in Bath. His books have won multiple school and library awards and are recommended by Empathy Lab and Reading Well.There are four hundred and forty different species of shark in the world and they’re split into eight categories; from the really small ones, like the catfish, to the medium-size hammerheads right up to the huge whale sharks in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.’ I’d tell him I wouldn’t dare put my hand in there. Ben said he wouldn’t either. The last time we came here he told me how the biggest fish got to be so big. The portrayal of OCD was excellently displayed, and I did enjoy the snippets of how frustrated the OCD made Alex, yet he had no way to control it. While Alex did overcome a lot in the novel, he also didn't have a magic cure just because he helped Dan with a boat, which i found very refreshing as this could have easily swayed that way. Rich and strange (and kitted out with an eye-catching cover), but stronger in the set pieces than the internal logic.

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