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Welcome to The Bigger Picture. Your local film club  based at The Ivy House community pub in Nunhead.


We show a film at 8pm on the fourth Thursday of every month.  It is a non-profit making venture run by volunteers, and any money we make is donated to support local charities; with a special emphasis on smaller charities that have difficulty finding funding from other sources.


The Bigger Picture is different to many other film clubs. Yes, we offer you the opportunity to kick back and watch a film on the big screen from the comfort of a deep leather sofa with a drink in one hand and food from a mouthwatering menu in the other, but we also offer a very diverse programme of films.


The Bigger Picture shows a wide variety of films from around the world, many of which are rarely screened or were given limited screening when first released but which have achieved critical acclaim over the years. Some are masterpieces by great directors, some broke boundaries in their day, some are quirky originals and others are included for no other reason that we  want to share our enjoyment of them.


THE BIGGER PICTURE is affiliated to the British Federation of Film Societies and part of the SE London Film Club Network.


The winter 2018 season at your new community film club.  Join us!



20 September at 8pm

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"As an evening at the flicks, it was about as perfect as you could get: relaxed, informal, but still achieving the buzz and excitement of a communal experience."

Dulwch on View


"Going to the cinema is great with it's comfy seats, and superior projection/audio. But the film club at the EDT feels somehow more sociable, and with an interesting (less mainstream) selection of films."



"It's what comunity film clubs should be about: good food and drink, great atmosphere and excellent programming."



"Everything about the experience is inviting; something the swankier cinemas try so hard to manufacture. I've been to nearly every film they've shown."

Heather Barton


"I liked the mini fish and chips and the peas best.

The film was OK."

Joe (11)



Thursday 13 December 2018, 8pm

Now recognised as one of the best-ever pre-war screwball comedies and starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn (it was written as a vehicle for her), it matches a palaeontological nerd (Grant) with a scatterbrained heiress (Hepburn) - it was a commercial flop when it launched, earning Hepburn the sobriquet ‘box office poison’. But add in a tame leopard (Baby), a McGuffin of a search for a missing dinosaur bone (and an additional escaped wild leopard) – and a lot of wisecracks (some ad-libbed), and despite the views of the time, you have a great movie, eventually recognised as such by the industry and public alike.


Director: Howard Hawks


Running time: 102 minutes.

Cert: U


We say – this is not the only thing the public got wrong in 1938 – but where we didn’t get peace in our time we did get laughter. A truly funny and uplifting film.





All tickets are free, but as space is limited and demand is high please book now to reserve a seat.  If you can't make the screening please cancel online to give others the opportunity to attend.